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Case Study: 2023 Headache Masterclass for Primary Care

March 2023

Blog / Case Study: 2023 Headache Masterclass for Primary Care

#2 – Great Promotion

A well thought-out and executed multi-channel promotion plan delivered impressive reach and registrations to boot. Branding and messaging consistency together with distinctive creative helped inform and attract primary care clinicians from all corners of Australia.

  • Understand your audience
  • Meet them where they are online and offline
  • Leverage networks and partnerships

#2 – Great Experience

Excellent educational content is wasted without great production quality! From start to finish the user was treated to a highly polished production with on-point, on-brand, uncluttered slides, and clear audio served up on a stable delivery platform.

  • Slick design
  • Clean visuals
  • Clear audio
  • Stable delivery

#1 – Great Education

The curriculum consisted of 6 hours of well curated, cohesive topics, presented in a logical sequence punctuated by ample opportunity for interaction during 4 engaging Q&A sessions. Getting this critical foundation right underpinned the success of all other elements and created a highly compelling educational offering to the target audience.

  • Compelling topic that is highly prevalent
  • Well structured curriculum
  • Leading experts who are also excellent presenters, delivering with energy and passion
  • Opportunities for interaction with every question (all 600 of them!!) being answered by presenters
  • Accreditation – 6 hours in a single day

If you’re looking for a great example of CPD education done well, the 2023 Headache Masterclass for Primary Care is it! Held on 25 March 2023, this piece of CPD education satisfies the key criteria for a great online education event.

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