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Most notably has been the introduction of a new requirement that Australian GPs will need to complete a minimum of 50 CPD hours each year to meet their professional standards obligations. This change represents a substantial time commitment for a segment of the healthcare workforce that is already stretched and under significant pressure.

To ensure ongoing access to CPD medical education, organisation will need to consider digital channels in their strategy for the benefits that they provide. These include: convenience for attendees, scale, reach (without geographic limitations) and a more granular level of measurability.

In this article, we'll share our top five tips for creating great digital education. These tips are hard-learned after producing hundreds of medical education webinars, modules, and on-demand CPD activities. This approach allows you to provide high-quality, accessible education to your audience and meet your business objectives.

The landscape for medical education has changed in recent years, and those who can harness the power of digital education will be at a distinct advantage.


  • From this year, Australian GPs will need to complete 50 hours of CPD education each year.
  • This is a significant time commitment for a segment of the healthcare workforce already under pressure.
  • Organisations involved in education will need to consider digital channels to make it more accessible.
  • Digital education is different to traditional channels and requires creators to pay close attention to each of the ingredients needed to make it memorable and engaging.

1. Know your audience and speak to their level

It sounds obvious, but the topic and structure of the education needs to be clearly relevant to the audience. Creating great digital education is not just a matter of replicating and recording a face-to-face meeting. Tailor the presentation, don't just recycle old slides or use the same material repeatedly. Consider the specialty and experience level of your audience, and the problems they're looking to solve for their patients. The education should not only inform but provide clear takeaways that participants can apply in their day-to-day practice.

5. Seriously good promotion can change lives... seriously!

Promoting digital education requires a different approach than promoting face-to-face events. A well-planned and executed marketing strategy to reach and engage your target audience is key to the success of your education. After all, what’s the point of creating incredible content that has the potential to improve patient’s lives if no-one tunes in? And bear in mind the uniqueness of your audience – we reckon you’d be amazed to learn what our top channels are for reaching Australian GPs in 2023! 

4. CPD accreditation is a must for HCPs

Imagine you’re a GP. You have an outrageous patient load, you’re incredibly time-poor, possibly suffering burn-out, and perhaps with a young family of your own. On top of it all you’re required to find enough time to do 50 hours of CPD per year. If you had to choose between CPD accredited, and non CPD accredited education, CPD accredited is going to win every time! 

3. Great presenters are more than just subject-matter experts

An effective digital presenter is not just an expert in the field, but can also present the information in a clear and succinct way. Building rapport with an audience who isn’t physically there is a challenge, so it requires presenters to be engaging, dynamic and confident. A good producer of digital education will help to get the best out of each presenter.

2. High quality production and presentations

In a virtual setting, the quality of the audio and visual presentation is crucial in engaging your audience, and investing in high-quality production can greatly enhance the viewer experience. Likewise presentations need to be visually appealing and logically structured. Each presenter's topic should make sense when put side-by-side with the other presenters' topics. Use one topic per slide to avoid information overload and increase retention.

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