Tuesday 4 April, 7pm - 8pm AEST


Lessons learnt from the UK applicable to GPs in Australia

COVID-19 and flu pandemic planning in primary care

Dr Rod Pearce AM
Prof Richard Hobbs
Dr Peter Eizenberg


Lessons learnt from the UK applicable to GPs in Australia

COVID-19 and flu pandemic planning in primary care


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About this education

Professor Hobbs is a leading global expert in the role of primary care, and development of primary care research and research infrastructure (networks and partnerships) for the diagnosis and management of major illnesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he pivoted much of his department’s research efforts to tackling COVID-19, including UK COVID-19 surveillance, risk assessment, point-of-care diagnostics and co-lead the main UK out of hospitals platform trials on repurposed medicines and novel antivirals.

With Australia about to head into the flu season and with ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation) recently recommending the 5th COVID-19 vaccination, it is timely to discuss topics relevant to Australian GPs and consider what potential lessons and improvements can be taken from the UK and abroad.

It will also be an opportunity to highlight the importance of research in primary care that includes disease prevention and population health, particularly around the COVID-19 and the respiratory virus season, and how primary and secondary care can work together to optimise patient outcomes.


Review and discuss what measures could be adopted from the UK, and abroad, that could be considered in Australia to help support GPs and the primary care network from future COVID19 and flu outbreaks.


Describe the current COVID-19 and flu situation in the Northern Hemisphere compared to previous years.

By the end of this activity, you will be able to:


Explain the role of primary care in the UK, how this has changed since COVID-19 and what lessons can be learnt for future respiratory illness outbreaks.


Review vaccination rates, past and present for COVID-19 and flu, and identify key success factors that has reduced infection rates in the UK.


Review the development of the UK primary care network, the lessons learnt, and what could be considered in Australia to support GPs and the primary care network.

Learning Outcomes

GP, Scientific Advisory Committee Immunisation Coalition

Dr Peter Eizenberg

GP, Chairman of the Immunisation Coalition

Dr Rod Pearce AM

Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford UK

Prof Richard Hobbs

Education Steering Committee

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This was an excellent outline of dyslipidaemia management by both presenters. The best on the subject that I have been to in the last 2 years. Clear, concise and useful.

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