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Halving the risk of cardiovascular death with the flu shot


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Influenza epidemics are associated with a significant increase in cardiovascular deaths.¹


A link between influenza infection and cardiovascular morbidity has been known for almost a century and more recent research quantifies the cardioprotective properties of influenza vaccination:

  • Influenza infection is associated with a six-fold risk of developing a heart attack or stroke or dying from cardiovascular causes in the subsequent 2 weeks.²
  • Seasonal influenza immunisation may reduce a patient’s risk of cardiovascular death by up to 50%.³

Cardiologists strongly encourage adherence to anticoagulants and heart failure medication and understand the critical importance of smoking cessation – but is the same emphasis applied to influenza vaccination, when the relative benefits approximate those of statins?⁴

Fewer than 50% of those under 65 years of age with cardiac disease receive the influenza immunisation⁵ and many cardiac patients perceive the flu to be a nuisance rather than a credible threat to their cardiac and overall health.

Given its demonstrable cardiac protection and considering the risk profile of cardiology patients, cardiologists have a central role in recommending flu vaccination in partnership with general practitioners.

This educational activity has been designed to arm cardiologists with the knowledge to discuss the benefits of influenza immunisation and to consider recommending or referring their patients for vaccination.


Identify strategies to minimise infection during flood-borne outbreaks and steps that could be taken in primary care to better protect the community.


Recall the symptoms, diagnosis and mode of transmission for the Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV).

By the end of this activity, you will be able to:


Highlight the importance of JEV vaccination for travellers going overseas and in local community areas where flood-borne outbreaks regularly occur.


Identify key causes of historical JEV outbreaks, where in Australia this virus is most prevalent and why.


Review ATAGI recommendations for vaccine eligibility and indications across the different age groups and patient conditions

Learning Outcomes

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Dr Adam J Nelson

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General Practitioner & Medical Educator
GradCertClinTeach, MPH, GAICD

Dr Anita Muñoz


Prof Timothy Tan

Infectious disease physician and virologist

Prof Dominic Dwyer

Education Steering Committee

This education has been developed independently and in partnership by Praxhub and the Immunisation Coalition.

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This was an excellent outline of dyslipidaemia management by both presenters. The best on the subject that I have been to in the last 2 years. Clear, concise and useful.

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