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Acute Lower Respiratory Infections (ALRI) in infant & pre-schoolers



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About this education

This on-demand video examines the many and varied types and causes of both acute and chronic cough in pre-school aged children. A framework for synthesising history and examination findings into a rational diagnosis, at the exclusion of recognised differential diagnoses will be discussed. The importance of RSV-associated illnesses bronchiolitis and croup will be explored as common causes of acute cough in children under 5 years of age, while viral associated wheeze, multiple-trigger wheeze and asthma will be explored as common causes of chronic daily cough in young children.


Identify strategies to minimise infection during flood-borne outbreaks and steps that could be taken in primary care to better protect the community.


 Describe the salient features on history and examination of a preschool-aged child presenting with acute cough that facilitates a rational diagnosis and exclusion of common differential diagnoses.

By the end of this activity, you will be able to:


Outline an approach to assessing disease severity in preschool children with bronchiolitis and croup.


Summarise the pathophysiological and clinical differences between bronchiolitis and croup.


Detail an approach to diagnosing viral-associated wheeze, multi-trigger wheeze and asthma in young children.

Webinar Learning Outcomes

Key learnings

  • The pathophysiology of RSV in infants
  • Differentiating bronchiolitis from croup
  • Key differential diagnoses
  • Assessing disease severity
  • Evidence-based management guidelines, including notifiable condition status
  • Prognosis and parent education

Key learnings

  • Pathophysiology of RSV
  • Seasonal epidemiology
  • Mechanical disadvantage of the respiratory system in under-2-year-olds
  • Long-term sequelae of RSV infections in children under 12 months of age
  • Risk factors for severe disease
  • Managing risk factors and risk of early-life infection

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Dr Anita Muñoz

Paediatric Respiratory Physician

Dr Danielle Wurzel

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