Demystifying Lipoedema


The urgent need for understanding this little-known and stigmatised disease

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Lipoedema is a disease of the loose connective tissues leading to dysregulated and abnormal growth of mainly fatty tissue. This results in disfiguring and painful adipose tissue that appears disproportionate to the size and shape of the affected person’s body. It affects 11% of women worldwide and is very commonly misdiagnosed as lymphoedema or obesity.

Lack of awareness of this condition by the medical profession and an insistence that the adiposity is obesity causes significant distress in patients, particularly because this adiposity is not amenable to usual weight reduction measures.

An urgent need for increased awareness and understanding among clinicians exists so that patients can be correctly diagnosed and evidence-based treatments options offered, and so that harmful narratives about this phenotype can be eliminated.


Describe the role of allied health and non-GP specialists in managing lipoedema


Describe the pathophysiology of lipoedema and recognise its distinction from lymphoedema and obesity

By the end of this activity, you will be able to:


Outline the epidemiology of lipoedema and its impacts on affected patients


Summarise the clinical signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of lipoedema


List the evidence-based non-pharmacological and surgical options for managing lipoedema

Learning Outcomes

MBBS, PhD, FRACS (Plas) Consultant Plastic Surgeon

BA Appl. Sci Physiotherapy, advanced lymphoedema therapist
General Practitioner & Medical Educator
GradCertClinTeach, MPH, GAICD

Dr Anita Muñoz

Education Steering Committee

This education has been developed by Praxhub and Lipoedema Australia.

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This was an excellent outline of dyslipidaemia management by both presenters. The best on the subject that I have been to in the last 2 years. Clear, concise and useful.

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