What's the talk about 'CPD homes', and does it matter to medical education?

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The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) has implemented significant changes to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework for registered medical practitioners, introducing the concept of CPD homes. While these changes, effective from January 2024, aim to enhance the quality and consistency of CPD activities across the medical profession, it may have the effect of making healthcare even more fragmented.

CPD homes are organisations accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to provide structured CPD programs and support to registered medical practitioners. They include established medical colleges (for example, the RACGP) and a range of newly accredited organisations. These homes offer a range of CPD activities and services, including online courses, workshops, conferences, self-directed learning modules and CPD accreditation.

What are CPD homes?

The introduction of CPD homes aims to address several key aspects of CPD:

  1. Standardisation: CPD homes ensure a consistent standard of CPD activities across the profession, ensuring that practitioners receive high-quality, relevant training. Learn more.

  2. Personalised Support: CPD homes provide individualised support to practitioners in identifying and meeting their CPD needs, helping them align their learning with their professional goals.

  3. Structured Learning: The structured CPD programs offered by CPD homes encourage practitioners to engage in a variety of learning formats, fostering a more comprehensive approach to professional development.

Why the Shift to CPD homes?

Impact on Registered Medical Practitioners

All registered medical practitioners, with a few exceptions, will be required to join a CPD home by 2024. This means that practitioners will no longer be able to self-manage their CPD activities. Instead, they will work with their chosen CPD home to develop and implement a personalised CPD plan. 

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For medical educators and sponsors of medical education, deciding which organisation to accredit education has typically an easy one. For education targeted toward general practitioners, the obvious specialist colleges have been the RACGP and ACRRM, which have had approximately 95% and 5% of general practitioners as members, respectively.

With four new CPD homes available to practitioners, including CPD Home (the AMA’s CPD arm, spelt with a capital 'H'), and the AMC currently considering several applications for more CPD homes, deciding which CPD home to (or CPD homes) accredit education may not be so straight-forward.

Impact on education providers and sponsors

The transition to CPD homes marks a significant shift in the CPD landscape for registered medical practitioners in Australia. This change aims to promote a more structured, personalised, and high-quality approach to CPD, ultimately enhancing the competence and patient care provided by medical professionals across the country. However, it may also add to the fragmentation of Australian healthcare and necessitate multiple accreditations when producing CPD education.

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